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That last one. LMAO

How our genes could make us gay or straight - The Washington Post

This discovery hasn’t been acknowledged enough and I just want to put this out there for people. Some of whom may be struggling with self acceptance and I just want you to know, everything they say about it is a lie. You are beautiful exactly how the universe made you, the universe did make you that way, and that is ok. (hugs)

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Because women are so objectified in society that one finds straight porn ads popping up all over the place in the gay porn category. #yesallwomen

Masculinity has become overly focused on toughness and anti-femininity, at the expense of socially beneficial constructs such as responsibility. Yet masculinity is also somewhat primarily focused on a man’s success. The change of focus defeats the purpose. Thus when you hear a girl talk about the nice guy who takes action to make the world a better place instead of feed his ego as “a real man”, it’s because he doesn’t spend his whole life defeating his ultimate mission. In other words he has a wall of accomplisments and you have nothing but an act. Maybe if you didn’t spend your whole lives being douches women might think better of you and be willing to date a lot more of you. #yesallwomen

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