remember when fox news put egypt next to iran 



This is seriously not funny though. This is so accurate to the moment when you realize it after hitting puberty. It’s usually right after that thought too that there might be another picture depicting him crying and wanting to end his own life because of the shame people put on others for it. I’m just wondering why there are 33,000 notes on this. I hope none of you are laughing because it sucks, and it feels exactly like this every night afterwards, often with tears. This is the moment you sit there thinking about things, realizing it, and coming to the acknowledgement that for the rest of your life the majority of the world is going to hate you and that they’re practically thinking about you in their heads at every moment like they want you dead because you might fall in love with someone they don’t want you to, who means more than anything to you. This is the moment you think about how you might never have that person because they’re too afraid to face it themselves, or because something might happen to them because you 2 fell in love in a world where everyone wants you dead for it. This is not a joke and it is not funny. This is the moment people often have their first everyday consideration of ending it and leaving the world alone because nobody wants them around; because they didn’t win their vote for the cutest couple award. This is the moment every child who hits puberty and realizes they’re gay, first looks inside at themselves thinking about what everyone unknowingly thinks about the truth they’re hiding inside; how they actually are. The moment they curl up in tears, fear, and a pain they’ll live through the rest of their lives in their fight; when they look at themselves and say “I am so fucking gay.”


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I’m crying.

LMAOOOOOOOOO the screaming in the beginning

"mr. owl"
"oh jesus christ"
"please don’t give me that look"
"please don’t fly"


That owl is 30000000% done

every time this video graces me with its presence i feel obliged to reblog it

never fails 



When girls put things in their cleavage.

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posted 2 months ago